BEACH ELEMENTS II: LIC Arts Open Festival – May 15th-19th


Date of the event? May 15th through May 19th
Where is the event taking place? STUDIO 34, 34-01 38th Ave, L.I.C., 11101

BEACH ELEMENTS II – a mixed media group show, Nancy Gesimondo, curator
I have always thought that there is something magical about the beach, specifically the transition from terra firma to the shimmering water with its hidden depths and oscillating currents. The metaphors for crossing this passage are as vast and poetic as the seemingly infinite horizon. Beyond their visual beauty beaches are some of nature’s most healing environments. The sound of breaking waves is deeply relaxing, as if subliminally encouraging us to let go and merge with the flow of life. The combination of sunshine and crashing waves produces an abundance of negative ions which, when inhaled, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and produce biochemical reactions that reduce stress and energize the spirit.

Despite the urban density I have always enjoyed heading to the beach to feel the wet sand underfoot as I walk along the shore looking for shells – evidence of the mysterious underwater world – and contemplating what lies beyond the horizon.

The work shown utilizes a diverse media yet each of the artists use the beach, or elements there of, as part of the canvas. Whether as a backdrop to weave another story, to document the social aspect of leisure, or to extract a found treasure, the primordial landscape of the beach permeates the imagination with a sense of infinite possibility and renewal.


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