Beecher’s Fault performs at QAX Block Party – June 22nd at 5:00pm

live 1“Beecher’s Fault have one foot in pearly pop while including sonic somersaults that will keep your head twirling while your feet are moving” – Deli Magazine

Beecher’s Fault has become a key player in the local New York City music scene. The pop/rock band has played an impressive amount of shows at prominent NYC venues that include The Bitter End, The Knitting Factory, and Pianos. Though only a trio, their live performance has frequently been described as a “wall of sound” that captivates audiences as they light up venues with an energy that is more akin to that of a six-piece ensemble.

Their music is catchy, yet clever. It is honest music that emits very raw emotion. As Anil Sharma from the Examiner puts it: “Their lyrics are visceral, their melodies catchy; in short, you will have their songs stuck in your head for quite a while.” In response to the praise from their self-titled debut album, Ken (keys/vocals) comments “The feedback from fans has been incredible which is great for us because we absolutely love what we do, we love that people love what we do, and we want to bring it to more people in more cities.”

Beecher’s Fault is the solution that founding members Ken Lamken and Ben Taylor (guitar/vocals) were looking for. They were tired of music with boring hooks, uninspiring lyrics, and over-produced “pop” songs. “There was a time when “pop” music was free to think outside the box without sacrificing its appeal to the masses,” says Ben, “New ideas are becoming less and less common in pop, and we’d really like to change that.”

Here is a link to a stream of Beecher’s Fault latest music, an EP entitled “Misbehavior”:

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