some thought they saw him at Ten 10 Studios on 47th Road in LIC- (check out the jazz concert in the schedule for tonight under events!)

someone thought they saw him at Sorta Secret Comedy- in a living room on 24th ave and 26th street in Astoria – but he may show up there tonight at 9pm – (details see neighborhoods)

but we did see him at LPAC- speaking with Theatre 167 Director Ari Laura Kreith and we may also see him at herĀ  reading excerpt of JACKSON HEIGHTS 3 A.M. at Queens Museum of Art on Sunday at Cinemarosa event from 3 to 6pm.

find all the clues – SNAP theĀ  QAX APP and your iphone or android will help you find Bromley!

Plan a day of art- music – photographs-sunshine and fun…

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  1. Albert says:

    Is that the correct spelling of sited?