Calm, Storm, Rebirth – Now until November 24

CSR-FlyerWho is the Artist/Organization? Rockaway Artists Alliance
Date of the Event? October 26 to November 24
Location: sTudio 7 Gallery, Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreation Area, Rockaway Point, NY 11695

Rockaway Artists Alliance host C,S,R: Artist… beginning Saturday, October 26, 2013 at noon. The show includes the artwork of over 40 artists, many directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. What was life like before the storm that shook the shores of New York? The Calm portion of the show brings us back to just one year ago, when our coastal lives were perceived in a vastly different way. When the Storm hit many contributing artists witnessed the force of nature and destruction first hand. They recorded it live via video and photography and captured it in their mind’s eye to record to canvas and other mediums in the weeks and months that followed. Finally, the continuing Rebirth began. Mountains of sand and debris, the first signs of a community emerging from the devastation, were built and then taken away. Very slowly, after weeks, the lights began to come back on. Children returned to schools, residents began repairs, shop owners reopened doors and some small sense of normalcy returned. One year later, there are still many obstacles to face. Hardship and triumph exist side by side on a daily basis. In many ways, we are equally distant from the places of Calm and Storm. Please join us on Sunday, October 27 from 12pm – 4pm in the sTudio7 gallery in Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreation Area, Rockaway Point, NY for the Opening Reception of CSR. The event will include attendance by exhibiting artists, performances by musicians and writers and a performance by the RTC. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free.

RAA invites everyone to A Night of Reflection on Tuesday, October 29, 6pm – 8pm. As we recognize that one year has passed since Hurricane Sandy crashed over our shores, RAA creates a space for reflection and communing. The event will be held in the sTudio 7 gallery in Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreation Area, Rockaway Point, NY. The space will feature the artwork from CSR and there will be musical accompaniment by Art Strings, a string quartet whose musical selections will compliment the visual work. RAA’s doors are open to everyone – families, seniors, individuals, those effected by the storm, and those who supported the recovery. The program for the evening is up to each visitor. Stay as long as you like or need to. Stand in the center of the gallery and take it all in. Examine only one piece of artwork. Pull up a chair and listen to the music. Stand out on the deck and look at the night sky. Admission is free.


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