“CAUGHT ON THE 7”: Jennifer Junkermeier

Remember the days when a SOHO address was the sign of loft space, high ceilings, an emerging art gallery, not anymore; located in the new centerpiece (The Queens Crossing Building) of Flushing and steps from the Flushing-Main stop is a “whole floor of art”, Crossing Art.

On May 30th, Crossing Art is showcasing a tour of artists at work in their Open Art Studios. Also on view two exhibitions with curator-led tours. Rece$ examines why the economy collapses. Erasing Borders features Indo-American artists. Also in conjunction with Crossing Art is the Flushing Cow Parade at Flushing Mall. Jennifer Junkermeier is the Assistant Director of Crossing Art.

Jennifer Junkermeier, Assistant Director of Crossing Art.

Jennifer Junkermeier, Assistant Director of Crossing Art.

Jennifer, what is your subway stop?
Flushing, Main Street

What type of work do you do?
I am the Assistant Director of Crossing Art.

What do you do for fun in Queens or the metropolitan area?
There are so many notable art venues in Queens that I enjoy. A few months ago I wandered over to the newly renovated Fisher Landau Center for Art and discovered the breathtaking permanent collection of Emily Fisher Landau in FIVE DECADES OF PASSION Part One: The Eye of the Collector, 1968-1988. It was impressive to say the least, not only was it the names you look for in a serious contemporary collection but it was some of the best work(s) by the artists who were carefully included. On view were work(s) I had never had the opportunity to see in person and suddenly I was in front of them, in Queens!! (My favorite discovery was a Neil Jenney painting, Threat and Sanctuary, from the 1970. It was a defining moment for my relationship with his work. )
What was your first art/performance experience like? Where was it?
When I was still in the womb? … Or in a former life that I can not directly recall. It never started. My obsession, understanding and appreciation has always just been there.

What are you working on now?
I curated the group exhibition, Rece$ that is on view at Crossing Art until May 30th.

What are you working on in the future?
Continuing to make Flushing and Queens a destination to see contemporary, cutting edge Asian and International art, increase and generate exposure for artists and the gallery that I work with both in New York and around the world. Continue to educate people about the value of art, collecting art and how important it is to have art be apart of your everyday life, in your home and at in their workplace. Last but not least, to put up exhibitions that continue to challenge and push the boundaries; aesthetically, conceptually, physically and metaphysically. The list is endless….

Crossing Art represents a select group of Chinese and international contemporary artists. The gallery is devoted to providing an opportunity for established artists to become recognized in one of the leading international capitals for art, New York. Crossing Art is committed to providing exhibitions and events that bring artists who are reputable abroad to recognition in New York. Our aim is to enable critical social, cultural, and aesthetic dialogue at an international level through art.

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