“CAUGHT ON THE 7”: Safari 7


In association with Queens Art Express, Safari 7 is a self-guided tour of urban safari7-circleanimal life along New York City’s No. 7 subway line. Safari 7 circulates an ongoing series of podcasts and maps that explore the complexity, biodiversity, conflicts, and potentials of New York City’s ecosystems.

Safari 7 imagines train cars as eco-urban classrooms, and invites travelers to act as park rangers in their city. Safari 7 hopes to engage the broadest range of New Yorkers, from commuters and school children to urban explorers and designers, in active research and exploration of their own environment.

Between May 30th-June 14th and throughout the summer of 2009, Safari 7 will organize tours, publish maps, podcasts and interviews, and in the Fall expand programming to cellphone and social networking venues. Safari 7 is working to initiate and foster dialogue with educators and community activists throughout the city.

The Safari 7 team is a collaboration among architects, designers, educators, and students.The Urban Landscape Lab is an interdisciplinary applied research group at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation focused on the analysis and transformation of ecological processes and urban systems. MTWTF is a graphic design studio specializing in publications, environmental graphic, and identity systems. Safari 7 May 2009 podcasts are created by students in a seminar on urban ecology at the Barnard and Columbia Colleges Architecture Program.

Read more about the Safari 7 gang at www.safari7.org and urbanomnibus.net.

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