“Caught on the 7”: Scott Kiernan

Pictured: Artist Scott Kiernan.

Pictured: Artist Scott Kiernan.

Scott Kiernan’s work is in the group exhibition Rece$$ curated by Jennifer Junkermeier at Crossing Art (www.crossingart.com) as part of Queens Art Express.

What is your subway stop?
Union Square or 2nd Ave E,V

What is the best musician or artist you saw performing on a subway platform?
I like the guy who plays the ukulele and says clever things like “and now a composition by John Cage” when the train passes.

Do you regularly see other artists performing in the area (if so what type)?
I have been fortunate enough to witness firsthand much of the ongoing variety show that is art in New York City.

What type of work do you do?
The dirty work of attempted dream realization.

What do you do for fun in Queens or the metropolitan area?
Frequent galleries, shows and alternative art spaces such as Epoh Owl and Hi Christina! in Williamsburg

What was your first art/performance experience like? Where was it?
It was probably birth and the lights shining down and the hands everywhere and a pair of scissors and surgical masks, but I don’t remember it….

What are you working on now?
The nano-space between an exit and an entrance.

What are you working on in the future?
Miscommunication as a generative art form.

Scott Kiernan was born in New Jersey and lives and works in New York. He received his BFA in 2003 from the School of Visual Arts, New York and his MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007.

“Caught on the 7″ is interested in all of the different voices of this community oriented festival; the participants can be you, your children, your friend, your artist, your subway conductor, your producer, your pediatrician, you get the point. Want to join the “Caught on the 7″ peeps, send an email to queensartexpress@gmail.com.

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