“Caught on the 7” Storytelling Series

QAX 2010 features a dynamic collection of Queens peeps from all walks of life. The “Caught on the 7” Storytelling Series profiles this fistful of passionate people who, rather than allow the recession to bring their creative energies to a screeching halt, have chosen to link their unique art events along the No. 7 train as a tightly-knit talkative artist community. Last year we featured a wide range of folks from dance choreographers to stalwart community leaders, hip-hop poets, even the head of the No. 7 train was profiled in our snapshot interview series.

With QAX 2010 ballooning to 37 arts organizations and nearly 80 merchants, we barely recognize you.

David Bromley, QAX Project Manager, "Caught on the 7"

INTRODUCTIONS ARE IN ORDER. To have your story told check-out the friendly set of “Caught on the 7” questions below and submit your information to us at queensartexpress@gmail.com.

Participants should also send an attached photo (or video) to the queensartexpress@gmail address. Preferably something silly, if they are trying to get a grant next year and would prefer something more serious, this is acceptable as well. We just need an image.

Also in 2010 we are adding the “Caught on the 7” Flip Video Interview to our “Caught on the 7” Storytelling Series. If interested in contributing a video to us at “Caught on the 7” contact us at queensartexpress@gmail.com

The below questions are designed to inspire and obtain a wide range of information from the participants. The questions are short and sweet and are mostly broad and general. We are interested in all of the different voices of the Festival~the participants for “Caught on the 7” can be you, your children, your friend, your artist, your subway conductor, your producer, your neighbor…you get the point. The artists are playing a starring role here, but this is a community oriented event. We would love for this to be a quick and fun project that all can take part in. Send the completed interview (below – don’t panic, remember, it’s short and sweet!) along with a snapshot to: queensartexpress@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

And by the way,
This is Dave and Jess from QAX 2010

“Caught on the 7”

1)What is your subway stop?

2) Who is the most interesting musician or artist you saw performing on a subway platform?

3) Do you regularly see other artists performing in the area (if so what type)?

4) What type of work do you do?

5) What do you do for fun in Queens or the metropolitan area?

6) Do you have any questions for us at Queens Art Express?

Bonus Round: Additional questions for artists

7)What was your first art/performance experience like? Where was it?

8)What are you working on now?

9) What are you working on in the future?

Don’t forget to submit your answers and photo to queensartexpress@gmail.com

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