Come create collaborative art pieces with Free Style Arts! – June 22nd

remote control art Free Style Arts Association

Experience the exhilarating freedom that comes from making abstract art! Art collective Free Style Arts Association will be inviting people to create collaborative art pieces in fun and unfamiliar ways at the QAX Block Party.

Make Fishing Pole Art on a giant canvas by dangling paint markers from fishing poles or create Remote Control Art by drawing with remote control cars. As each participant adds their abstract and colorful swirls to the giant canvases, the art pieces become more collaborative and representative of all of the visitors at the event. The audience members become the creators in these Dialogical Art pieces that explore the boundary between the artist and the viewer. The art is a living dialogue that changes and grows as people encounter it and one another.

Free Style Arts Association is a team of artists that create participatory, public art projects that intend to engage everyday citizens in contemporary art-making experiences. These projects happen everywhere from museum galleries to city street corners where the art is brought directly to the public. Their work appears regularly throughout New York City, with many art projects that have happened in Queens, including exhibits at the Queens Museum and public art projects funded through the Queens Council on the Arts. Learn more at

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