de novo: Houseguest – June 7th-9th

Date of the Event?: June 7-9, 2013 8pm
Where is the event taking place?: Martha Graham Center for Contemporary Dance, 55 Bethune St., New York, NY

Houseguest is de novo’s inaugural production: a mixed dance performance incorporating butoh and belly dance with live music and original composed music. It explores the tension between quotidian existence and other realities seen and unseen, invited and uninvited, real and imagined and explores themes of hibernation, transformation and awakening. It is about deep longing from below and the struggle to stay alive in hibernating sleep. We investigate these themes using a multi-layered, mixed-media approach.

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Conceived by Ian Wen and Irina Kom.

With: Christian Barthod, Erin Holmes, Aurie Hsu, Lauren Jeanette, Steven Kemper, Irina Kom, Bob Lyness, Hanna Madbak, Hiram Pines, Lauren Marie Robbiani, Estefania Vaz Ferreira, and Ian Wen

We will also be performing with a select group of seniors from the Hanac JVL Senior Center in Astoria, Queens!

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