Ian Wen – Part 2

Ian5We checked in with Ian Wen for more insight into his artistic endeavors.

What are some highlights of the past year?

Being awarded a SPARC residency, working on Houseguest—de novo’s inaugural production—and getting hitched. That last one is the highlight of the year.

Do you have a creative process?

I don’t think so, or at least I haven’t paid any attention to whether I do. I suspect it would, or should, change depending on the project. I love losing myself in researching anything that remotely tickles me.

How do you think you arrived at this moment in your professional life?

I have always moved glacially, so it has taken a long time get here. Perhaps it is simply knowing better who I am, what I would like to do, and getting past my innate diffidence to ask for things to happen. I’m incredibly honored to be a recipient of a SPARC residency. This is no accident.

Describe how butoh dancing makes you feel.

It makes me feel present. It slows me down, it encourages the body to talk. It is about the invisible forces that act upon us: gravity, history, our ancestors, ghosts. I am drawn to it because it allows me to exchange more wholly. It allows me to be more authentic in life.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m really interested in creating documentary ‘performative’ pieces. Rimini Protokoll is an inspiration. I always want to incorporate the daily in my pieces, otherwise you risk appealing only to certain audiences. We want to do a piece specifically on faith, a cross-cultural examination of faith as expressed in movement in houses and places of worship. I also want to do a piece on pets and their owners.

Check out Ian Wen Moveable Feast video!

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