Kick Off Meeting for QAX 2010

The September 17th kick off meeting at Crossing Art in Flushing was attended by Jennifer Junkermeier, Teri Osborne of the Tourism Council, Shawn Choi from Flushing Town Hall, Steven Hitt of LPAC, Hoong Yee Krakauer, Lynn Lobell, David Bromley, and Diana McClure from Queens Council on the Arts, Rolando Brown of Parrallel MVMT, and a handful of new QAX friends.

• Hoong Yee and David introduced how they were going to implement the restaurant component of QAX 2010 by working with individual chambers of commerce, community leaders, and BIDS (Business Improvement Districts) before taking the plan to the actual business owners.

• In scheduling 2010 David put these questions to the venues: How did you like 2009? What can we do to change and expand on year 1? How long should the festival be? 3-weekends, 1 weekend?

• Rolando Brown of Parrallel MVMT spoke in depth on the technology portion of the marketing strategy for 2010 which builds on the 2009 strategy of turning “subway commuters into cultural tourists.”

Alyssa Bonilla from Sunnyside Shines and Edwin Westley from the Jackson Heights Beautification Group graciously volunteered their spaces for the next two meetings. Ed is an integral partner to establishing relationships with small businesses in Jackson Heights and will be setting up the November meeting at a local restaurant.

Word on the street is plenty of folks are already jumping aboard QAX 2010: Queens Museum, Langston Hughes Library, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, JHBG, Queens Theater in the Park, Dean Gallery, QPTV, Sunnyside Shines are confirmed for next year’s festival; others are buying their Metrocard today.

• Queens Council on the Arts in partnership with MTA is posting an open call this September for Queens-based venues or organizations who are interested in participating in QAX 2010. For more information send an email to:

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