Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie is a writer, educator, and performer. She has been a featured speaker at universities, festivals and events throughout Europe and North America.
Her work deals with silence, sexism and racism and it has been published in Crab Orchard Review, BOMB, Paris/Atlantic, Go, Tell Michelle (SUNY), Listen Up! (One World Ballantine) and Revenge and Forgiveness (Henry Holt). Tallie's work has been the subject of a short film "I Leave My Colors Everywhere." Her first collection of poetry, Karma's Footsteps, was released by Flipped Eye Publishing in September of 2011. She is the recipient of a 2010 Queens Council on the Arts grant for her research on herbalists of the African Diaspora. She currently teaches at York College in New York City. Mariahadessa is a budding herbalist and she regularly organizes herbal workshops in NYC. You can read about her herbal adventures on The Sage Honey: Writing about my journey into the world of plant medicine. Mariahadessa also is passionate about supporting women's journeys into motherhood and invites all Mamas to join The Sage Mama: A spirited place for all things Mama.
What Does QCA Mean to Mariah?

Describe your involvement in QCA. What have you participated in? QCA funded my project Osain’s Children, about herbalists of the African Diaspora, in 2010. It was—and still is—a project close to my heart. I have also been a panelist twice for the QCA grant. How has QCA helped you grow both professionally and personally? When […]


Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie – Part 2

We checked in with Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie for more insight into her artistic endeavors. What are some career highlights of the past year? Getting to meet students and dedicated educators across the country. I have read poetry and conducted creative writing workshops at universities in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma over the last […]


Meet Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

Meet Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, a Jamaica-based Renaissance woman who is author of the poetry collection Karma’s Footsteps, a performer, York College educator, and the recipient of a Queens Council on the Arts grant for her research on herbalists of the African Diaspora. So, tell us what you are currently working on? I am currently working […]