My Fave Spot in Queens….And Yours Is?? ….

Happy Spring! I hope some of you had the chance to check out the Pine Forest in Forest Park. Another wonderful park I was thinking of the other day is Flushing Meadows Corona Park. There is tons to do at this amazing place!! I will probably mention a lot of stops in The Meadows along the way but today I am giving a shout out to the NY Hall of Science. I used to go here on school trips and it was always a blast – we even got to eat Astronaut Ice Cream! In addition to attending birthday parties at the Hall of Science, my family would go here on “nothing” days just for some family fun. This is a museum for kids of all ages so no kids? No problem! Still a great place to explore. The NY Hall of Science offers free afternoons (check out their site for details) and every time you visit you can incorporate a lovely walk through the park (depending on how you get there – and that’s also easy to do). I hope you get a chance to visit and make your own memories there too!

Ok so I shared my fave spot of the week with you….now tell me your fave spot in Queens….come on tell me!

~Jess from QAX

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