N or Q Train takes you to the GREEK – Cultural Center Play

“Babies are Brought by the Stork”

The play takes place in Thessalonica during the German Occupation. The basic theme revolves around a young Jewish man which, hunted by the Germans, finds refuge in a couple’s bedroom. The couple itself is in fact the guest of another couple because its own house has been destructed by the bombings. The two childless couples’ efforts to conceive a child come to no avail, with the percussive sounds of the bombings lingering in the background. But the holy Mary of Dear Osculation is about to intervene… How are the two women able to become mothers and how do they explain the ambiguity of paternity? Let’s not forget that, as per the title of the play, sometimes “babies are brought by the stork.” But is this the case? On the day of Thessalonica’s liberation from the Germans, the two heroines will go into labor with the assistance of a Roumelian guerilla from the National Popular Liberation Army.

Play is in Greek with English Supertitles

March 11 through April 17

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 4pm


26-80 30 Street, Astoria, NY 11102

718-726 – 7329




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