Naomi Cho – Part 2


We checked in with Naomi Cho for more insight into her artistic endeavors.

What are some of the highlights of the past year?

Last year I graduated from high school and started college, so it’s been pretty busy. I was fortunate to receive an honorable mention scholarship from AIGA Worldstudio and have my work and bio on AIGA’s website. Interning with artist Yeon Ji Yoo was also one of the biggest highlights of the past year. Seeing the creation of the piece, but also the editing, really helped me in my own creation process. She’s one of the hardest workers I know, where her thoughts match her skills. I was able to witness her process, applying to different shows, participating in GO Studio Brooklyn, and having her work exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum.

Can you walk us through your own creative process?

Currently being a student, I still fall under the category of having to do projects with certain limitations or requirements. However, I always try to go as far as I can outside the assignment, pushing the boundaries. With some of my other work, pieces definitely start with an idea, something that I’ve experienced, hated, questioned, or loved. Then I set forth in questioning why I feel this certain way or if others have other felt this way.

How do you think you arrived at this moment, poised for such a bright future?

I would have to thank my parents and teachers who have been very supportive of me in my pursuing an art career. They’ve encouraged me, pushed me further, and educated me to become a person of purpose and strength. Also, as a competitive person by nature, I put lots of hard work into my art; not only practice in skills, but also trying to develop mentally as well.

Describe how art makes you feel.

Art makes me feel like I’m part of a conversation. Sometimes very personal, as if talking with an old friend, but it can also be communal or part of something that’s even bigger than myself, such as witnessing something historic and being able to say you’re part of it. I am attracted to art because it knows no new boundaries and does not forget its past.

What are you looking forward to?

It’s a bit far off, but I look forward to my senior thesis, where I can create a more cohesive body of work. I hope to create a strengthened body of work and start to apply to show and exhibit my work within my university, or even in some galleries. I also hope to intern with either an artist, or in a museum or gallery.

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