Outpost Artists Resources: Notendo/Claire Evans/ Young Male – May 26th

Date of the Event?: May 26th, 2013
Where is the event taking place?: 1665 Norman St, Queens, NY 11385
Website: http://www.outpostartistsresources.org

The concept behind PERSONAL BEST is simple: an evening of mixed disciplines – a screening, a talk, and a musical performance.

Claire L. Evans is a writer and artist working in Los Angeles, California. Her “day job” is as the singer and co-author of the conceptual disco-pop band YACHT, which recently released its fifth album Shangri-La, on DFA Records. A science journalist and science fiction critic, her blog, Universe, addressing synchronies between art, science, technology, and the cultural world, was recently anthologized in Best Science Writing on the Web 2012 (Scientific American Books/Farrar, Straus & Giroux), and she regularly participates in panels, conferences, and screenings on the subject of science and culture. She has performed earnestly cosmic presentations at the Kitchen, MoMA PS1, and the Hirshhorn Museum, spoken about extraterrestrial life at the Rubin Museum’s BRAINWAVE series, and co-authored a book on interdisciplinarity in the arts, NA/SA: New Art Science Affinities. A collected book of her essays, High Frontiers, is now available from Publication Studio.
Jeff Donaldson is an audio/visual artist who has been working with feedback systems since the late 1980s. At the beginning of the new millennium, Donaldson began applying the concept of feedback to video game systems, transforming them into generative audio/visual instruments. Since publishing his video work online, Donaldson has exhibited internationally as well as helped to pioneer the fields of video bending and glitch aesthetics.
Young Male is a Techno project begun in 2008 by Quinn Taylor. Live performances utilize only a Roland TR909 drum machine, a mixer, guitar fx pedals, and spooky atmospheric sound textures played through an Ipod. He is a member of the New York crew/record label White Material, a group of Techno, House, and Noise musicians.

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