Portrait of a King: Michael Jackson – Art Opening Reception

Portrait of a King: Michael Jackson - Art Opening Reception

Portrait of a King
Michael Jackson
By Susan Varo

This is a visual tribute to an extraordinary African American.  He is a man who changed the face of music forever.  He is Michael Jackson.  These images represent the person, the entertainer, writer, dancer and so much more who has influenced the world.  Mr. Jackson began musically, as a child prodigy, a unique individual who rose to fame and fortune and has become one of the most recognizable men in history.  His musical talents, skills, humanitarianism, philanthropy, and creative genius have altered not just the American landscape but the entire planet.  Michael Jackson has risen to heights that have never been seen before.  His accomplishment has not only made him an icon but easily identifiable by a single title known worldwide.

Portrait of a King is a visual compilation of selected moments depicting the longevity of the career of Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer in music history.  The legendary King of Pop, singer, dancer, entertainer, writer, philanthropist, and humanitarian truly personifies and embodies someone that only comes once in a lifetime.

It has been nearly three years this June since we have been without Michael Jackson and this visual tribute coincides within that same time frame.  This makes it even more appropriate to pay homage to him.

The images reflect various eras of his illustrious career beginning with his Motown days and continue through the time of him embarking on a solo career.  These include stage performances, Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and the History Era and culmination with This Is It.

Michael Jackson is one of the most beloved African American entertainers and is the most successful recording artist of all time.  His unwavering support of world causes and charitable contributions have made history as well and are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

His career spanned four decades from humble beginnings and turned a small child from Gary, Indiana into a legend.

His impact is global and has not only influenced entertainers today but for years to come.  He pushed the envelope with his unique and distinguished fashion sense and has made wearing a white sequined glove a trademark.  His red jacket from his Thriller video is still a must for Michael Jackson wannabe’s and little children.

Some of those moments are encompassed here recreated in original oil paintings on canvas and graphite illustrations.

This is Michael Jackson.


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Venue Info
Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center
100-01 Northern Boulevard
Corona, New York, 11368

Free to public


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