Bloom Time – an Art Exhibition

Bloom Time - an Art Exhibition

Bloom Time

April 20, 2012 – August 30, 2012

Flowers and blooming plants have been a focus of artists from antiquity to the present day. They symbolize life and death and everything in between, and are part of rituals the world over. Flowers appear in open fields, in vases and between teeth. They grow, they wilt, they give us perfume and attract insects; they are intertwined with our lives.

A group exhibition of art that explores the cultural and scientific uses of flowers and blooming plants, as well as their form, color and beauty.

Participating Artists:

Jaime Arredondo, Jessica Baker, Fran Beallor, Lois Bender,  Robin Gaynes-Bachman, Norma Greenwood, Phoebe Hawkins, Paul Johnson, Robert Lobe, Carla Lobmeir,
Carol Radsprecher, and Regina Silvers, Michele Brody, Faith Gabel, Michelle Golias, Jean-Marie Guyaux, Eileen Hoffman, Robin Jordan, Miki Katagiri, Catherine Kirkpatrick, Barbara Leven, Rebecca Riley, Ronnie Seiden-Moss, and Caroline Sun

This project is sponsored by:    Holiday Inn Manhattan View and Space Realty Group

Viewing Hours: 24/7 at Holiday inn; M-F 10 am-6 pm at Space Realty

For more information, contact:
Mary Pinto ph.917-658-2545

image: “Spring” by Phoebe Hawkins

06/14/2012 - 06/17/2012

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Venue Info
Holiday Inn Manhattan View and Space Realty Group Gallery
39-05 29th Street and 29-09 39th Avenue
Long Island City, New York, 11106



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