Octopus’s Garden – A children’s art exhibit at Table Wine, Jackson Heights

Octopus's Garden - A children's art exhibit at Table Wine, Jackson Heights

Octopus’s Garden is an exhibition of ocean dioramas made by ART for a START students, ages 5-13.

These beautiful dioramas with their sparkle, mystery and beauty invoke summer and express our love of nature and the fascinating creatures that exist on this earth.

Since the fall of 2011 we have been focusing on the theme of animals and nature. The dioramas are a culmination of our ocean life exploration where we learnt about the reef, various fish and sea creatures, and life under the sea.  What do we know about life under the sea? Has anyone ever seen a reef, picked up a sea star or swam with the dolphins? Has anyone ever seen a real blue whale? We live in the city…how did we learn about the sea?  We looked at books, videos and shared our stories and experiences, things that we learned at home and at school.  Without fail, all of the students were completely immersed in learning, exploring and expressing their wonder and fascination with the sea.

To create these dioramas we sought to reflect the immense variety of forms, colors and textures that can be found underwater, while utilizing materials available to us in everyday life such as: bubble wrap, plastic cups and bags, foam scraps, pasta shells and toothpicks, paper, yarn, glitter and pipe cleaners.  We mixed these found and man-made supplies with stones and sea shells that were collected in nature and brought in by the students.  We also employed variety of techniques and actions such as: Drawing, cutting, gluing, assembling, weaving, twisting and attaching. Isn’t nature so amazing? It can do all that at all times?

Creating these dioramas step by step, each and every student got to make similar objects and items and apply parallel processes and techniques.  Yet, each and every diorama reflects its own maker and has the unique voice and style and the handprint of the individual who made it. Try to look at the subtle differences among these dioramas. Can you see it?

These imaginative creations with their color and beauty are a tribute to the ocean, to summer, and to our love of nature and the fascinating creatures that exist on this earth.

ART for a START is a visual arts program in Jackson Heights, founded and directed by artist Deborah Wasserman in 2010. To receive more information about the program, visit www.artforastartny.com or feel free to pick up a postcard at the pharmacy.


06/11/2012 - 06/18/2012

9:00 am - 11:30 pm

Venue Info
Table Wine
79-14 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY, 11372



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