The Craft of Literary Satire

The Craft of Literary Satire
Dorothy Parker, satirist

From The Onion to The Colbert Report, satire is one of the most engaging and powerful forms of protest. However, before the media of web and TV, literature led the charge in bringing this entertaining mode of political debate to the fore. Authors including Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, and Dorothy Parker wrote scathing critiques of contemporary society, while still entertaining audiences with traditional elements of essay writing, storytelling, and poetry. We’ll discuss Swift, Twain, and Parker as well as the eras in which they lived. What do these writers do well? Where do they fall short? In what type of social climate did each author live?

Interspersed throughout these readings, we’ll explore how we as contemporary writers can use these formats to craft our own pieces of literary satire. Like Swift, you’ll come up with a ludicrous solution to a current political problem, and learn how to heighten it on the page. Like Twain, you’ll create a character who parodies some of the ills of modern society. And like Parker, you’ll draft pithy lines about the way we live now.
Instructor Grace Bello has been published in McSweeney’s and Splitsider. Her freelance articles have appeared in The Atlantic, The Awl, The Hairpin, Publishers Weekly, and more. She has taught fiction at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn and teaches writing courses through
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