DJ Party w/ GlobeSonic

With DJs Fabian Alsultany, Derek Beres & Bill Bragin
Duke Mushroom on percussion

Globesonic Sound System 5 Years On The Hudson River
GlobeSonic Sound System in Monterrey Mexico

World Beats at Brooklyn Museum of Arts -Parking lot

GlobeSonic Body Temple Pier Party: Evolve says “It’s Time”

Globesonic Electronic Press Kit

GlobeSonic Sound


Participation in QAX
QAX DJ Party

A community dance party to celebrate the Fourth Annual Queens Art Express.

Presented by Queens Council on the Arts, in partnership with Rockrose Development Corporation.

26-19 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101

8:30 – 10:30 pm

About the DJs

THE GLOBESONIC SOUND SYSTEM was founded in NYC in the summer of 1999 by music impresario Fabian Alsultany. Focusing on representing the modernization of world music, GlobeSonic Sound System is a DJ collective spinning a high-energy ecstatic dance celebration of the earth’s musical heritage, weaving traditional music with modern aesthetics. “The music is a reflection of the commonalities between cultures, and the vast richness of our planetary heritage”, says founder Fabian Alsultany. “Our work is not only to get the dance floor moving, but to also stimulate a deep sense of planetary unity through music and dance.”

Their parties have become legendary in the breadth of music and ease of transition they make between country, culture and continent. The DJ collective consists of Fabian Alsultany, Bill Bragin (Director of Outdoor Programming at Lincoln Center) and writer/yogi Derek Beres. The trio has taken their musical aesthetic to clubs, festivals and special events internationally in locations such as Singapore, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Brazil, France, England and Mexico. They have held residencies and produced special events at nightclubs, festivals, fashion events, spiritual gatherings, museums and art galleries both in New York City and throughout the world.