What If We Re-Made U.S. Economic Policy?

Clockwise from top left: “Of Saint and Syn” by Leslie Alfin; Theresa Byrnes, “Dust to Dust”; Toshi Reagon (photo by Bernie DeChant); Chanel Kennebrew
A QAX Exhibition & Event

In 1944, during World War II, President Roosevelt called for an Economic Bill of Rights. “People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made,” he warned. Today, some would say we have inherited that fate, although they might disagree on the causes and the culprits.

In a new world, how would artists create a sustainable and equitable economy to the benefit of citizens, businesses and communities?

“What If We Re-Made U.S. Economic Policy?” is a QAX event featuring new collaborative work by Leslie Alfin, Theresa Byrnes, Chanel Kennebrew and Toshi Reagon.

Presented by Queens Council on the Arts with generous support from Rockrose Development Corp.

QAX After-Party w/ GlobeSonic Sound System: 9-11pm @ Currency, immediately following this New World event.

Artist Bios

Leslie Alfin
Leslie Alfin
Installation Artist

Theresa Byrnes
Theresa Byrnes
Painter/Performance Artists

Chanel KennebrewChanel Kennebrew

Toshi Reagon
Toshi Reagon