Chanel Kennebrew

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Chanel Kennebrew


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What If We Remade U.S. Economic Policy?

Featuring new collaborative work by
Leslie Alfin, Theresa Byrnes, Chanel Kennebrew
& Toshi Reagon

26-19 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101

6:00 – 10:00 pm

About the Artist

Chanel Kennebrew spends her days doing freelance creative work and running Junkprints. What’s Junkprints? Well, it’s an umbrella for the stuff she makes. It’s smarter than fashion, less pretentious than art, looser than design and good for the soul. Junkprints started out as her surface exploration of race and gender in the media. Junkprints is a response to mainstream media’s exclusion and skewed representation of the rest of the American people. Junkprints was created as a lifestyle choice put into place to attempt to create a balance of perspectives. It’s ethical, sustainable, tongue in cheek and socially accountable.