What If We Re-Made U.S. Health Care Policy?

Imagining a World Where Artists Decide Public Policy

Clockwise from top left: DJ Rekha (photo by Nisha Sondhe); Andrew D’Angelo; “Hoodie for Trayvon Martin (self-portrait)” by Ocean Morriset; Liza Jessie Peterson

A QAX Exhibition & Event

The U.N., the E.U., and the U.S. Congress have declared that citizens have a right to affordable and accessible Health Care, but the reality of that ideal is typically in contention, in flux, or in jeopardy.

In a new world, how would artists address issues of prevention and care to meet our health care needs?

“What If We Re-Made U.S. Health Care Policy?” is a QAX event featuring new collaborative work by Andrew D’Angelo, Ocean Morisset, Liza Jessie Peterson, and DJ Rekha.

Presented by Queens Council on the Arts, in partnership with Crossing Art.

Artist Bios
Andrew DAngelo
Andrew D’Angelo

Ocean MorissetOcean Morisset

Liza Jessie Peterson
Liza Jessie Peterson

DJ Rekha
DJ Rekha