Andrew D’Angelo

Big band — Norman
Solo bass clarinet time.

Duet with Jim Black

Big band–Free Willy

Expansions Podcast 1/21/2012 – Hyperspace Jazz Music

SEEDS::Brooklyn 09/26/2011 (solo)

Andrew D’Angelo


Participation in QAX
What If We Remade U.S. Health Care Policy?

Featuring new collaborative work by
Andrew D’Angelo, Ocean Morisset,
Liza Jessie Peterson & DJ Rekha

Crossing Art
136-17 39th Avenue (at Main Street), Ground Floor
Flushing, NY 11354

3:00 – 6:00 pm

About the Artist

The forceful tone and improvisational style of Andrew D’Angelo have made him one of the most influential alto saxophonists of his time. As a composer, he has created a language rooted in jazz but fusing electro-acoustic music, noise, and modern classical. In 2008, while driving his landlady to Costco, D’Angelo had a seizure so violent that he bit through his tongue and nearly broke his back. He awoke in a hospital. He was soon scheduled for surgery and blogging about it, making clear that he had no insurance. After a cancerous tumor was found, he had his right frontal lobe removed. He worked with healers on his recovery. “I did not want chemo or radiation. I KNEW there was another way. A path that would lead me to being cancer free. Four years later I have done just that, and made my life healthy again.”