Liza Jessie Peterson

Def Poetry – Ice Cream Fiend

“Waitress” – LJP on HBO Def Poetry

Karmica SutraQuita Jones (pt. 1 of 4)

Chiron Homegirl Healer Howls – “Keisha” part 1

Liza Jessie Peterson


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Featuring new collaborative work by
Andrew D’Angelo, Ocean Morisset,
Liza Jessie Peterson & DJ Rekha

Crossing Art
136-17 39th Avenue (at Main Street), Ground Floor
Flushing, NY 11354

3:00 – 6:00 pm

About the Artist

Playwright/actor/poet Liza Jessie Peterson is a classically trained alumnus of the National Shakespeare Conservatory and has been a student of Susan Batson, coach to the stars, since 1994. Her one-woman show, The Peculiar Patriot, is a satirical, politically-charged exploration of America’s penal system. It’s also a love story told by Betsy Laquanda Ross, a self-proclaimed “Prison Industry Pin-Up” who boosts inmate morale. Liza has taught in prisons for over a decade, and has toured The Peculiar Patriot in penitentiaries across the country in over 50 performances.