What If We Re-Made U.S. Housing Policy?

Clockwise from top left: Ran Hwang with “Two Love Trees”; Queen GodIs; “Visit #11” by Anna Lise Jensen; Carlos Martinez (photo by John Galayda)

A QAX Exhibition & Event

The right to housing is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and home ownership is deep in the fabric of the American Dream. But the foreclosure occurs across the nation, and millions of residents, including children, have experienced homelessness.

In a new world, how would artists involve citizens and communities in creating sustainable housing for all?

“What If We Re-Made U.S. Housing Policy?” is a QAX exhibition & event featuring new collaborative work by Ran Hwang, Anna Lise Jensen, Carlos Martinez, and Queen GodIs.

Presented by Queens Council on the Arts, in partnership with Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning and A Better Jamaica, Inc.

Artists Bios

Ran Hwang
Visual Artist

Anna Lise Jensen
Interdisciplinary Artist

Carlos Martinez
Mixed-Media Artist

Queen GodIs
Poet/MC/Performance Artist/ Mentor