Who is the Artist/Organization? Michelle Cheikin, Annalisa Iadicicco, Ananda Lima, Studio 7: Junenoire Mitchell & Nadia Saburov Date of the Event? May 15th 6-9pm Where is the event taking place? Experimental Space at Reiss Studios, 43-01 22nd St. L.I.C., NY Website: http://licartsopen.org/ As part of the Long Island City Arts Open, five photographers offering five […]

Who is the Artist/Organization? Long Island City Arts Open Date of the Event? Thursday May 16, 2013 Where is the event taking place? Two Gotham Center, Queens Plaza South at 28th St. Website: http://licartsopen.org Idle Hands… at the Gotham Center May 15th – 19th 12 – 5:30 p.m. (note: brochure says 6, but guards have […]