The Book of Queens

Who is the Artist/Organization? Ernest Slyman
Date of the Event? Book Released Today

Ernest Slyman
119-14 Union Turnpike 3A3
Kew Gardens NY 11415

The Book of Queens
(Smashwords Books)

Ernest Slyman’s “The Book of Queens” portrays the New York borough in new light. The work draws its unique perspective from humor and extended prose metaphor. The book is online at

Disclosures By The Borough Of Queens On A Beautiful Spring Day

Who am I?
I am the borough of Queens.
I am a melody the wind sings in maple trees.
I am warbling birds, waking to morning light,
I am cicadas chattering at dusk.
I am the place where you live.

I am more than shops and streets.
More than taxis, trains and buses.
More than people. More than airports.
More than schools and universities.
I am more than a place.

I am a spirit. I am full of dreams. I shine.
I am large.
Every day I eat five hundred hotdogs, hamburgers,
a few hundred pounds of spaghetti. Chow mein,
chop suey, egg foo young. I have a large appetite.
I can’t help myself. I did my loosen my belt a notch or two.

Last week I ate three thousand chocolate cakes,
two thousand cheese cakes, four thousand doughnuts,
three thousand chocolate chip cookies,
almost as many apple and cherry pies.
Five thousand ice cream cones.
Love those sprinkles.

Four thousand pastrami sandwiches. Three thousand knishes,
seven thousand bowls of chicken soup and nine thousand bagels.

I am a prodigious eater of peas, carrots, broccoli, asparagus.
Last year I consumed there hundred thousand baked potatoes.
Though I also enjoy them mashed with gravy.
I always clean my plate.

I’m a big eater. Yesterday for breakfast
I ate two hundred thousand scrambled eggs.
Drank over a million cups of coffee.
Almost as many glasses of orange juice.
Would have had more. But I am on a diet.
Got to watch my waistline. It is reaching
a circumference that eclipses my boundaries.

Ernest Slyman has been widely-published in many literary journals and college textbooks. Among them, The Laurel Review, The Lyric, Light: A Quarterly of Light Verse (Chicago), The NY Times, Reader’s Digest and The Bedford Introduction to Literature, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer, as well as Poetry: An Introduction, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer, and Literature To Go, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer. Also “Young Women’s Monologs From Contemporary Plays,” Editor Gerald Lee Ratliff, Publisher: Meriwether Books and Monologues for Men, edited by John Capecci and Irene Ziegler Aston.

The book is online at

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