Valerie Green – Part 2


We checked in with Valerie Green for more insight into her artistic endeavors.

What are some highlights of the past year?

It was the company’s—Dance Entropy—fifteenth anniversary in February. The biggest event of the year was reaching that milestone and being able to celebrate it in our home, Green Space, with Skimming the Surface: Fragments of Collective Unconscious. It’s hard to have a dance company, number one, but I’ve been continuous, with non-stop work. It’s amazing to see how the company has grown during this time.

Can you walk us through your creative process?

It starts with an image, not necessarily a well-defined one. As I work, the meaning reveals itself to me. It’s not like I say I’m going to create a dance about X.

In terms of preparation, I’m training on a regular basis. Working on movement and improvising in a creative space is when ideas will come. Getting my body and mind in a certain frame opens up my creativity. I can have a revelation of what I’m already working on through ideas and movement. All my dancers work great together, but I like to focus on their strengths. Movement is all channeled through my body before it goes to them.

You run an organization and lead a dance company. How do you balance it all?

One day at a time, being highly organized, planning in advance, and good time management. It’s not just the dancing I am responsible for, but running the organization, which includes things like writing grants. I take each day as it comes with the help of a lot of lists and multiple calendars.  There isn’t much room for spontaneity, but I don’t like to just stay in my world. That’s why I’m never home.

Describe how dancing makes you feel.

There are different ways of looking at it. It’s a way of processing my energy, my emotions, and my life. It’s a way to express what’s happening to me on an unconscious level. Some of the dances have deeper meanings and are like a trance for me, almost a meditation.

What are you most looking forward to?

My collaboration with Slovenians, and we have a few different showcases in June. But we’re winding the season down slowly. I’m looking forward to regrouping. I’m in the preliminary stages of planning next season. We had one major new work this year and I’m eager to perform it again while creating new pieces.

Check out Valerie Green Moveable Feast video!

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